About Us

Wensfer is a currency market advisor with a focus on helping our clients manage FX volatility. Our market strategies are designed to mitigate clients’ exchange rate risk, and to help grow investors’ capital. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our clients.

Capitalising on insights

We harness the power of our experience and network and apply our capabilities to develop tailored and superior trading strategies, and identify key market opportunities to offer value-added advisory services.

Pursuing performance

Diversified asset allocation can help generate yield in low-return environments where it is exceedingly difficult to do so. From currencies to commodities-based strategies, we provide options that can lead toward enhanced returns in varying market conditions.

Managing risk

No sustainable performance can be achieved without having capital preservation in mind. From hedging to trading strategies, we prioritise risk management to help our clients navigate through market volatility.

Building meaningful relationships

By putting a long-term perspective at the heart of our trading approach, we believe financial goals can be achieved without compromising our core principles. We champion transparency that allows us to develop a trustworthy relationship at every stakeholder’s level.

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