Market Insights

Quality insights are the cornerstone of profitable and sustainable trading strategies. That is why professional guidance is at the core of our analytical approach. Our research across various asset classes provides our clients with key decisional support, ongoing monitoring and investor education.

Engaging trade ideas

We strive for timeliness and accuracy in idea generation. Our backtested opinions give both buy-side and sell-side clients an unparalleled edge in navigating the financial markets. Traders and risk managers can leverage on our first-hand experience to improve their decision-making and implement suitable strategies.

Multi-asset coverage

More than just FX, our experienced analysts offer a truly global macro coverage encompassing commodities and nascent cryptocurrencies. Beyond classic technical and fundamental analysis, our research incorporates market imbalance and sentiment to reflect both long-term and short-term market participants’ behaviours.

Customised content

From market report to pattern recognition, our ideas are designed to support investment decisions in a simple and transparent manner. Whether you are looking to engage clients or manage your risk, our actionable insights and educational guidance will be a valuable addition to your operations.

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